Canadians working for a US company - how is your compensation structured?

Hey Elpha community!

Although every company is different, I'm curious as to how the compensation package is structured if you live in Canada at your company. Is the USD salary just exchanged over to CAD at the market rate every paycheck or do you get paid a set CAD salary? Can you take advantage of the perks and benefits that are offered to US employees? What about the vacation days, sick days, and holidays?

I am a Canadian working in Canada for a US based company, but my employment is under a Canadian entity of the US company. This means that all employees similar to me are under a Canadian entity, getting paid in CAD, and also getting Canadian benefits and perks that are a bit different than US employees part of the US entity. I’ve also worked as a Canadian contractor for a US company, meaning they wire transfer me my salary in USD into my CAD account (so there is an foreign exchange happening everytime plus transfer fees). Since I’m a contractor, I had no perks other than fixed days off and normal holiday days off (according to US calendar, I get these days off because everyone else get it off so there’s no point for me to be the only one working). I had explored working as a Canadian living in Canada but working for a US company (not under their Canadian entity but actually under their US entity). How it worked was the US company was already using this HR provider (TriNet), that was able to service Canadian employees. So I was able to become a Canadian employee (who lives in Canada) for a US-entity-company through TriNet, which provided my salary in CAD and also gave me health insurance/benefits. This was super great because the alternative solution was for the US-entity-company to setup a Canadian entity to employ a Canadian employee like me. Hope this helps!