πŸŽ‰ 100+ No-Code Resources is on ProductHunt πŸŽ‰

Dear ladies πŸ‘‹I just launched 100+ No-Code Resources Trello Board in ProductHunt, a comprehensive list of no-code communities, tools, schools, podcasts, newsletters and more to get you a headstart into the no-code and to help you build your first (or next!) awesome project! πŸš€ be sooo GRATEFUL for your love and upvotes, if you find it useful! πŸ™Thanks,Mariam
@lolaojabowale you may find this resource helpful!
Ooh thanks for sharing!
this is great. congrats. loving seeing more women in the nocode space. you've built an incredibly useful resource. cheers.
really awesome resource mariam - thank you for putting together and sharing!!
Thanks @laurenrosenthal, great you found it useful!!!