I'd love feedback please! For Startup Founders, what could you use the most help with?

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These sound like great modules! I'd be most excited about product market fit, as I've found that extremely hard to approach and get right in my (limited) experience. Building an MVP is great too -- it's so common to over-build and understand what really is your minimum viable product -- i.e., what's the least you can build while still getting viable results. And, similarly, what are the resources you can use to do so without code and/or design skills?Another area might be identifying the right business model (not sure if you're considering this part of cash flow projections, but I think it's worth calling out separately)
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dealing with the emotional rollercoaster of that MVP/early stage startup phase, and also keeping healthy
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Do you have a co-founder or someone that helps with the workload? Having someone you can share your worries and workload can help tremendously in reducing the stress that comes with managing and streamlining the business process of a startup.
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I do. I have a great co-founder and we share the workload. Previously, I've worked in product engineering teams, and having a wider team of people to work with is what I've missed. Doesn't mean we'll not get there (i.e. build our company/team to be able to do that), but COVID + social isolation has made this more challenging this year :(