5 Signs It's Time to Let Go of An EmployeeFeatured

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My question for you how did you approach the conversation? When you had to let go of someone, do you think they saw it coming ie. it was mutual? Or was it always a surprise?
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I'm glad you asked. It should never be a surprise unless the person is egregiously toxic or violated other employees or committed a crime. This is where the performance improvement plan comes in. It's important to give the employee a chance to improve, and also to make sure that you've given them what they need to be successful in their job. If you've done all of the things that I mentioned to make sure that this is the right decision, and you find that you need to let the person go, you need to be direct and be kind. Then allow them the space to react how they need to. They will likely be upset or even embarrassed. If you've decided that you're firing them, give them the dignity to react in their own way. Don't argue with them, and let them talk. This is a time for you to listen and to show compassion.
Your article is amazing and was interesting to think from another view. My CEO wants me to design any role for myself and "hire others that can and want to the things you're not great at" I have never had such a supportive boss. We have probably crossed the line from working to friends because we always speak way too openly. We have scaled so rapidly and there are times I'm frustrated and have lashed out in private. Which is not fair to him.I recently asked him for his blessing to look at other opportunities and use him as a reference, which he agreed knowing I will do everything possible to make sure the company is set for success. However he wants to look at the situation as "we are going to work together to make sure everything is documented to help you decide what kind of role you want here" I want to make the best out of this situation I wanted to share this article with him but I know the results would show I am still meant to be at the company. Do you have any advice?Do you offer coaching to situations like what I have described?
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Hi and thanks for your comments and questions. To clarify, I'm wondering what is making you still want to leave the company after the CEO offered you to design any role for yourself and, and with him being so supportive? I'm happy to have a coaching session with you around this. I specialized in career coaching before I started coaching founders. Here's a link with an Elpha discount :-) https://calendly.com/dianeprincemalibu/1-hour-coaching-session-peer-advisory-discount-clone