Welcome Elpha - newbie here šŸ‘‹ looking for other people in product growth šŸŒ± or those curious about coaching šŸš€

Hello everyone, my name is Margo, and I'm new to Elpha 👋 Originally Polish, I moved to the UK when I was 18 and then to Vancouver at 27. I'm passionate about everything that involves tech, mountains, and personal growth. Currently a digital nomad somewhere in the Swiss Alps. 🏔🇨🇭

I work at Sphere Guidance, where we democratize coaching with accessible memberships and amazing customer experience - I can tell you all about coaching and how it can help you grow - that's my job 🧑‍🚀

As a Product Growth Manager, I've joined Elpha to find a mentor, inspiration and other growth managers to brainstorm ideas together.Occasionally, I'm a ski instructor and a host of Pierogi-making classes.

I love meeting new people, so free to message me or schedule a call via my calendly :)

Hi Margo! Welcome to Elpha. This is a really warm and helpful community. Also, thanks for sharing about Sphere! I'm a business coach and I just applied to be a Sphere guide after reading your post. :-)
Thank you so much for a warm welcome, Diane! šŸ™Œ That's SO amazing, I'm excited to welcome you to Sphere šŸŖ