Should I quit the toxic job I started a week ago?

So there I was: this woman reached out to me with the job title I wanted and the salary I wanted and everything else about the role sounded like a dream. It's remote, has a small team, supports women founders.

Then I started the job and that's when I saw how toxic the enviornmnet was.

My manager (the only person I work with), said I cannot ask her questions and instead need to find my own answers first. For example, I heard mention of a weekly meeting and asked her when or where it was - to which she responded that I needed to look for it myself. I eventually found it in an old Slack archive from way before I started working there, but felt really odd about the whole thing.

Other toxic signs: my employees text me so it's not on Slack's record to ask me how I'm doing and to ask them questions, as long as I don't tell my manager. My manager told me they work a strict 9-5, but now expects me to work 7 AM to 7 PM. She texts me after work at all hours to do work tasks. She tells me to spend time on tasks, then tells me to be faster on tasks.

There are many inconsistencies, poor communication, fear among employees, and to top it all off - this manager gives all of us on the team "life coaching" every week.

I'm curious how others here would cope, if at all, and when would be a good time to exit the company. Any advice appreciated!

So sorry to hear about the lack of boundaries and respect towards work hours at your new role! I'm here to share a resource that our team has put together on thinking about when to leave your job (especially for those in your case who have just started!) - it may be helpful for you as you're thinking through how to go about your current situatuon:
Thank you!
HI, Thanks for sharing your situation on here. What you describe is a very toxic environment and I suggest to restart the job search right now. Here's what I do, put in 1-2 weeks PTO asap, restart the job search, get very clear on how to look for good culture fit and to test during the interview if you can for any toxic work culture. Put in your notice at the end of the month or as soon as you can, depending on your financial needs.Think of it this way - the more time you spend in this job, the less time you have to find a job that values you and IS a good culture fit. Most importantly, don't get sucked in because toxic places can suck you in, just like toxic relationships.Happy to support on a call, to chat further on this and create a gameplan, feel free to Dm me.
I appreciate this a lot, thank you. I don't have any PTO until 3 months into this role, but I might take you up on your offer to create a gameplan.
Get out as soon as you can. You owe them nothing. But, use what you learned in this situation to judge any new offers. Ask lots and lots of specific questions next time about daily culture and definitely sort our expectations with your next manager.
Thank you!
That sounds awful. Take it from someone who gutted it through in a toxic environment for a year, it only gets worse. And the normalization of that behavior took such a toll on my mental health, I'm only just recovering from it a year later. The longer you stay, the more reasons you'll come up with why you should. I would also start the job search now... if you have enough of a financial cushion, I would leave as soon as you can and just leave it off your resume (Alison Green at Ask a Manager has a lot of advice on this). If not, I'd still start heavily job searching with the intention of leaving as soon as you get an offer. I don't know what kind of roles you work in, but my company (Series E company with ~actual~ great culture) has been on a hiring spree - if you DM me, I'm happy to give you a referral.
Thank you, I am going to send you a DM soon!
As someone who had put in several years in a similar environment and recently started working in a positive, professional environment, I will corroborate that this is 1) not normal 2) going to impact your perception of future workplaces as you normalize it and 3) going to escalate into undue emotional and mental turmoil. I had never been more relieved than when I left that job. It sounds like you can easily leave this off your resume if you leave asap. It may seem tenable to stick it out for a year or two, but trust me, it will only get worse.
Also I'm sorry you are going through this!!