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Hi Elphas!

I’m Dr. C. Nicole Mason, President/CEO Emerita at the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, a leading organization conducting research on pay equity, economic policies, and issues impacting women.

Ask me anything about gender pay equity, community development, women’s advancement, personal finances, poverty, economic security, research + women’s studies, being a working mom to twins, and anything else! I love gardening, networking and yoga. Looking forward to chatting!

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This is so cool and thanks for organizing, Elpha, and for inviting @cnicolemasonI won't be able to attend live, but would be interested in this question:- In the pursuit of gender equality, as women are expected and more involved in the "second shift" (the unpaid labor at home), in addition to the supports women are already enlisting themselves at work and within their network (such as mentorship, sponsorship, ERGs, etc), what are some most effective policies at various level (federal/state/local) that individuals can advocate to help promote gender equality?
What are the best ways to ensure pay equity at the higher levels (VP / C-level)? How do argue against "that's what you asked for" when you didn't have line of sight into other salaries?
Thanks so much for joining us @cnicolemason!Elphas – please ask @cnicolemason your questions before Friday, March 8th. @cnicolemason may not have time to answer every questions, so emoji upvote your favorites 🔥👍🏾➕
So excited for this one and that it’s live!
What are your thoughts on US childcare issues? What do you think should/can be done about it? Does your research show benefits other countries are having (who have better childcare systems and options in place)?
How do you deal with mom’s guilt? How can we change school hours and curriculum so it better aligns with work? How do we make childcare more equitable? Big questions, I know, but any insight is appreciated.
Hi Nicole! How do you see the field of women's studies evolving in the next decade, especially in terms of research priorities?Thank you!
What tips or advice do you have for women to negotiate better salaries in male-dominated fields? What works best for closing the gender pay gap in your experience?
Hi Nicole! Thanks for making the time. What future policies do you think will be most crucial for improving economic security for women?
What recent research findings about women's issues have surprised you the most, and why?
I'm unable to attend, but I have a question for you :) How would you recommend negotiating a rate with a new client as a freelance copywriter? Thank you!