How To Gain Buy In From Other Leaders At Your CompanyFeatured

Why is buy in from multiple leaders important?It’s great when you have built a strong working relationship with your direct leader and even with your teammates. It’s also important to think bigger and advocate for yourself to have more exposure to other leaders within the organization. This can lead to additional opportunities for growth as it’s helpful for multiple leaders to know what you’re working on and how they can help support you.Where you are currently:Maybe you don’t want to get promoted right now or don’t feel prepared, but you would like to have growth and opportunities within your company in the future. Gaining buy in from other leaders is something you can work on proactively. So even though you may not feel ready yet, it’s smart to start building those relationships now.Where do you start?What are you currently working on? Are you taking anything on in addition to your regular responsibilities? If you are an independent contributor, this is a great way to gain additional insight from other leaders based on the different projects you’re working on. If you are taking on anything in addition to your normal day-to-day responsibilities, you already have a base to start gaining buy in from other leaders.A great place to start is by creating a Google Doc and listing your initial job description duties and then have an added column where you add anything you’ve taken on in addition to your current workload.What does this look like?Initial Responsibilities- Provide great customer service- Onboard new customers to the platform- Live chat support with customers and talent- Help desk ticket support with customers and talent- Phone support including platform demo on request- Deploy new customer service and support protocol- Recommend writers, editors, translators, and content strategists- Manage snags with workflow, talent questions and more- Decrease churn with exceptional service and support- Increase spend by confirming quality content is delivered- Achieve revenue goals with exceptional service and supportAdded ResponsibilitiesProject A [Date range]-DetailsProject B [Date range]-DetailsProject C Start date- ongoing-DetailsAdded responsibility #1Added responsibility #2Added responsibility #3Bonus if you have a section within your document where you add ongoing suggestions for improvements whether or not they are approved/adopted. Add anything that can help lead to a promotion, bonus, or pay raise. Even if it feels like something small in the moment.How do you do it?Start reaching out to other leaders who may have an idea or opinion about what you are working on. You can discuss options with your current leader and ask them who would be great to reach out to in regards to the additional projects or tasks that you are working on. What kind of feedback are you looking to get? Who can weigh in and share their advice? Talking about your work projects with other leaders is an easy segue to finding common ground; you may find it seamless to build a working relationship with many leaders. When you have consistent follow up, you gain buy-in. In return, these leaders may advocate on your behalf for future roles.What does the message look like?Hi [leader name],I’m working on [high level project details] and [name of leader or whomever suggested you reach out] mentioned you would have some great insight and feedback for what I’ve been working on and I would like to get some time scheduled if you’re open to sharing your input. Looking forward to hearing back,[Your name]It’s never too late to start advocating for yourself in the workplace. Start somewhere. If you approach leaders with conversations asking for input, feedback, and guidance, you’ll likely see that you naturally start to build and develop strong working relationships with people who want you to succeed.