Calling all female leaders

I’m looking to host a free monthly check in with female leaders who want to show up as the best leader for their team.Would you want in on this group? I’d love leaders from all types of work so we can share wins and discuss challenges to support each other through their leadership journey! Once I start hearing from women who are interested, I will follow up and see what kind of group we can get together.
@nicholeharrop I would be interested!
Great- I messaged you!
Hi Nicole, I would be interested!
Great- I will reach out!
Hi Nicole, I'm interested
Great! I sent you a message.
I’d be interested!
I sent a dm to follow up!
I'm interested!
I messaged you, looking forward to connecting!
I’d love to join this group :)
Beautiful, I've messaged you!
I’m interested.
I sent you a message, would love to have you!
I'm interested in this! 😊
Yes! I messaged you for more info.
@nicholeharrop I’m interested!
Yes, very interested!
Im totally interested.
interested as well! :)
Love this! I would be very interested :) @nicholeharrop
@nicholeharrop I'm interested as well~
I'm interested!
Interested! Thank you
count me in please!
@nicholeharrop Interested!
Would love to!
I’m interested also!
Yes yes yes! Will love to be part of it. So much to share and learn from others
Hi, I am interested as I have a diverse background. thanks
I’m interested!
Count me in please :)
Yes please include me
I’m interested!
I’m interested!
Hi Nicole, I would be very interested too. Please let me know how I can be a part of it.
Hey @nicholeharrop I would also be interested! Thanks!
I've messaged all who have posted with interest. :)
Hi @nicholeharrop, I am interested!
I would be interested!