Help me name my program?

Background: I'm creating a self paced video program that I intend to sell to corporate companies that will benefit their entry to mid level employees. There isn't enough personal/professional development offered by companies for the entry level team members and that's what my program will solve with a video library of short videos where a team member can refer to after a tough conversation with a peer or leader for example, and learn how to proceed in a professional way.I'm having the hardest time nailing down a name because some of the more obvious ones I've liked- can't be trademarked due to other uses so I'm trying to get out there and would love your input or other suggestions. Please post below your vote! (I have not checked these for trademark just yet)OliveAspenSequoiaPaveRiseDevelop MeGrowflowThank you for your time and thoughts. I'm excited to get this program out there.
Hey Nichole! I like many of the names you list, and would love to hear more on why you chose them. How have you come to this shortlist? Context: it might be just me, but I find it difficult to make a recommendation without a deeper understanding of what you're all about. Hence, a slightly different angle - how are you conceptualising your brand's identity at the moment?What does it look and feel like? Have you started designing logos in parallel, for example? What's your vision for what you want to achieve with these companies? How do you want your target audiences (whether the participants themselves or the buyers of these programmes) to feel? What does value look like and mean in real terms?Look forward to learning more and wish you all the best with this exciting new venture!
Hi Rachel,I appreciate all of your questions and thoughts. Here's what I've got, and feel free to continue to pick things apart.I wanted to provide a brief explanation of the product/program and then list the names without explanation in case that was going to sway someone a particular way.I chose Olive, Aspen, and Sequoia as they are all trees exuding resilience, growing deep roots, standing tallPave is like stepping stones along their path to growth and opportunitiesRise is simple, growing, evolving, leadingDevelop Me was suggested from a business name generator, I like the idea of development ongoing and this is pretty simple to explain what the program would doGrowflow is another one suggested through a business name generator. Growing in their current role as not everyone wants to get promoted into the next role, but growing where their atI originally had a logo and some brand design around my original brand idea called Level Up. I'll include some of the colors I have been working with, but open to suggestions/changes once I nail down the new name/feel. I used the red color sparingly, mostly blue and teal as background colors with charcoal or white text and then the pink and red are used sparingly.No logos currently.My vision is to help retain team members once hired by providing them valuable video content to help them exactly where they are at in their career. This will help provide them guidance so they know how to react/respond or ways to think of certain changes/issues instead of being expected to know it all. I want my target audience to feel like this is easy to implement and takes a weight off their shoulders because so much is already expected of leaders, employee development at the entry level doesn't happen a whole lot and when it does, it's very inconsistent. I want them to feel confident that their team members have resources they can point them to in so many situations and help create more loyalty with their team because they are investing in them at their entry level phase in their career. I want there to be a pool of people who would be ready to get promoted instead of a select few. Higher performing teams.:) I have so much of the knowledge and passion and years of experience, but I do not have the branding and marketing techniques- that's for sure.
So is this a B2B package...where you want to sell it on an enterprise level or are you marketing it to individuals for self improvement...
The goal is to sell to corporate companies so they are able to provide it to their entry level team members, however, I will likely also have it available for individuals who don't have it purchased by their companies.
Woo! Love all of these ideas! Few thoughts:- it's hard for me to decouple anything "Sequoia" from the VC fund, that said, I'm in tech so could be very biased on this point- you may also want to think about the names from a domain and SEO perspective. eg. if you google "Rise Professional Development", how many other competitors are out there for you to have optimize your SEO against?
Agreed on Sequoia- I thought, this could either be easily adaptable because other people are familiar with it or potentially a distraction if they are thinking VC.
I always like Esperanto as a language to find interesting words. Path is padon, and route is vojo.
Appreciate the suggestion, I have thought about going with a different language, so thank you! I will check it out.
Okay! I like Pave, as it suggests positive direction; Develop Me - because not just apps benefit from development; Growflow - again suggests that part of what we all expect at work is some growth! Good luck! nicholeharrop
Thank you for your feedback!
Hello! I don't have a comment on your current names but I did want to offer some tips on how I find my name(s)...Research the word in an alternate language especially if I feel that the vision is encapsulated in another culture. I will pull up the thesaurus and search for alternate words and that actually usually yields great results. I'm also really bad for just creating a word...I used ColloCue for a student magazine and my current business name is Obabu. Your name is yours...and it's whatever you make it to be. Also when you create a word, it makes the domain name part much easier. It's really frustrating to settle on a name finally only to not be able to purchase it...I hope it turns out great :)
Thank you for your feedback and suggestions.
Pave is the best there, as it indicates people paving the way for you. Id like to see the words answer or tell in there maybe. Growpath? The different trees i wouldn't advise. Not enough meaning. Sounds useful--find advice on how to deal with communication. Make sure you do LOTS about harassment.
Thank you for your feedback and yes! Videos on sexual harassment and setting boundaries.
Hi Nicole! What did you end up naming your program?!