What's the last thing that you Googled in order to learn what to do in your business?

Let's share for fun! What's the last thing that you Googled in order to learn what to do in your business? Here's mine (asking for a client) "if a trademark is applied for but not registered yet is it protected?"
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What a great question! I can’t remember what I googled but I’ll share the book I’m reading to help me in business “everything is figureoutable”
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How do you like it? I'm a huge Marie Forleo fan! Are you doing B School?
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I am not but I only just learned of her and started with this book. I haven’t deep dived into her work yet but I def will! What about you?
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Marie Forleo is the BEST! Her Youtube channel is priceless....
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"jobs to be done framework" -- I was looking for different frameworks to push my thinking on my customer's problems. I've previously used frameworks like Human Centered Design Thinking and the Opportunity Solution Tree, but wanted to push myself to look at the problem space in new ways.
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What do you think of it? Is it helpful?
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I liked it! It forced me to consider the journey of my users from end to end. Without it, I would have missed some aspects. I'm exploring a space of women and their financial literacy/wellness, which has many sub-problems. Having this framework gave me more structure to list those out.
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I also googled this recently haha!
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Interesting, I'd also love to hear what you thought of it!
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@reena I had never heard of it before! I'm a UX designer and started on a new project and one of the leads mentioned it. It's a really good way to position your thinking. I definitely want to incorporate it in future work. What did you think?
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I googled Prelaunch Sales Strategies....trying to figure out the best way to get started..
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I was using Adobe Premiere (a tool I haven't used in years) and had to Google every step of using the software!
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"How to write a currency hedge board proposal" and oddly enough I found a very specific blog post about it!
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"color picker from image." When creating branding pieces or publishing blog posts, I love to pull out a specific color code from the main image to use as an accent color throughout the piece - for hyperlinks, subtitles, etc. It creates the visual cohesiveness that you didn't know you needed!
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"B2B sales for introverts" Results turned out more helpful than I expected!
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Interesting! Are you in a sales role? What was the most useful takeaway?
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Incoterms! For shipping as a supplier & receiving product as a buyer
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It was looking for a template for " Work Evaluation template". I eventually found it. And I like to add that Google has been helpful for my work which involves lots of research
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Small picture, "net income versus revenue" because I always mix them up :face-palm:Bigger picture, "marketing tactics to drive signups for an email course." I'm building a free email course on how freelance content strategists can deliver bigger and better content strategies to their clients. Launching soon and I couldn't be more excited.
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The last thing I googled was customer discovery for introverts. Being behind the scenes is so much easier than being out front. 😭