Looking for Beta Testers/Feedback on our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Platform!

Hey Everyone! I'm looking for anyone that might be interested in being a beta user or providing feedback for a platform I've been building and now we're super close to launching our beta phase! A bit of background, Vision D&I is a task management platform for organizations to scale, track and manage DEI teams and efforts. These past 2 years, I've been working to help companies create DEI foundations and strategies that are scalable and sustainable. In the past year especially, I've noticed SO many companies put together DEI teams and strategies but are having issues scaling their efforts and actually being productive instead of performative. Especially with DEI teams, HR teams and ERG's, I've noticed a lot of employee burnout and lack of transparency and accountability (especially in big tech companies) so I built the Vision D&I platform to help these teams overcome the organizational and management hurdles. If anyone would be interested in taking a look at our platform and providing feedback - would be MUCH appreciated and you can leave your email so I can send through next steps :) The only goal here is to help organizations overcome these organizational hurdles through the platform and use it as a collaborative software so the teams can focus on the meaningful work instead of "what's next for us" and "I'm lost, what are we working towards with these efforts?". I think a big part of DEI in the workplace includes putting in the work every. single. day. and that means creating processes and using diversity focused technology to help make that easier and doable. Thank you so much!