Any entrepreneurs that want to find a community in NYC! Would love to have you!

I host curated small round-table dinners in Boston and NYC (max 6-8 people!) and I'm hosting another round-table gathering on 3/7 in NYC and would love if anyone here joined!

Just hosted one in boston and it was amazing! I keep them small and curated because the goal is for attendees to leave knowing they have people they can reach out too and a support group!

This specific round-table dinner will be part 2 of a Small Table Series I'm hosting over the next few months and will be for dreamers and builders in NYC specifically - anyone building/dreaming of their passion as an entrepreneur/biz owner and connecting with other amazing humans in the city who are doing the same.

Would love to round it out with anyone here! Here are the details for anyone interested:

@AlexMiller might be interested and/or might have some people in mind!@sabeenkhan22 if you're in NYC!