Looking for podcast guests

I am looking for more podcasts guests who are currently going through a struggle in the workplace or can share a past experience of a struggle. Would love more diverse women as well!Possible topics:Sexual harassmentGetting fired/laid offNot getting a promotionCurrently in a toxic environmentEtcMy podcast is Next Level LeadersLet’s chat!
This might be a lot to unpack for someone, what do you have to give back in exchange?
Thanks for your question. It depends on the topic/situation. Most people are willing to share on a podcast for their experience to pay it forward to others, I don't get paid to create my podcast so it's a way to offer free support to women in need. If the person wanted some coaching/guidance within the episode, it would be beneficial for them. I'd be curious to hear what someone would want in exchange if that's the case- always happy to chat to see if it would be a good fit.
Hi! I'm happy to help.
Hi! Thanks for the comment. Will you email me at [email protected] and we can start the convo about a topic and go from there? Looking forward to hearing from you.
Sounds good! Very interested.
Hi Ernanda, awesome! Will you message me via email [email protected] and we can start talking about a potential topic? I look forward to hearing from you!
Awesome! Happy New Year 🎉 thank you for your patience! Will send you a message with a few dates and times and let's go from there!