Looking For My Tribe in Management

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Hey Nancy! I just sent you a LinkedIn request -- I work with founders and usually they need technical co-founders, but sometimes they're looking for members with other skills. Feel free to connect!
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Congratulations on the exit :) What are you interested in doing next? Do you want to work for someone else or start something of your own again?
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Thanks! Looking to do it better the next time! As for the next step, I'd like to join forces with someone else and work for them, but my preference is to join in the beginning or in the growth. I'm looking to be part of founding team since I've already done it as a Chief Strategy Officer of my own company and gone through the fundraising rounds with 2 funding offers for my own company and 1 for another. I'm looking to do it once again, especially learning from my previous mistakes as I transition out of my own company to something new.