Have you ever worked or considered working with a life or career coach?

Hello Elphas, I'm curious to know if any of you have ever worked or considered working with a Life, Career, or Business coach? If yes, how has it supported your growth? If not, what stopped you?

Thought about it a year or two back when I was contemplating changing careers. Too expensive, unfortunately (and I ended up staying in a similar role anyway).
Thanks so much for sharing, Rebecca! Yeah, I find that to be true, especially tricky when one is thinking of changing careers. The search for a new job becomes a part-time job itself, and there is just not enough time for anything else. I hope that the decision of staying in t similar role worked out well for you πŸ™Œ
Hi @margogantner! I am considering it now and we had our initial meeting. I will report back on how it goes if you're interested.
Hey @aliryan! Amazing, thanks so much for sharing πŸ™Œ I would love to hear more. What made you consider a coach now?
I'm working with a life coach now. I'd recommend it if you have habits and skills that you really want to focus on improving. Mine isn't career specific, but I've had great help in crafting my goals, making a route map, etc. It's been very helpful for focusing.
Coaches have been really beneficial to me in setting out goals and making changes. I worked with Pam Daghlian, and that was amazing. I’ve worked with a leadership coach and now have a coach for academic leadership (I’m a tenured professor in senior university leadership). They can be just amazing.
I haven't officially worked with a career coach, but I had a couple of consultation sessions with one. I'm strongly considering hiring her when I'm ready to start my next job search. I'm currently working full-time and in graduate school part-time, so I'm just too burned out to add anything else to my plate right now. But based on the couple of conversation we did have, I think it would be very beneficial to work with her to plan the next 1-2 steps in my career.