Scholarships - Exchange programs

Hello ladies , I graduated high school last year and unfortunately my country do not offer any bachelor's in cybersecurity or any college degree that is focused on infosec. I am a cybersecurity enthusiast and I couldn't find any exchange program or scholarship to study cybersec in any country , if you have any tips or programs please let me know 🫶

One thing you could do is look into specific schools/universities and apply for scholarships there directly? or this
Yeah I have been looking around for a while searching through diffrent countries but many of them were for EU or USA citizens only, I am from north africa, or they'd require pursuing a degree in commputer science ( my current degree is pre-engineering that doesnt focus on cs , basically I learned on my own) . And the few other were highly selective but i'm applying anyway .Also thank you for those suggestions I'm about to check them out.
@Catarina65 Hi. The University of London has a cyber security program and also might have schorlarships. You can check their website
will do, thanks a lot