Mistakes I’ve Made (that got me to where I am)Featured

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Thank you for venting your raw experiences to us. You are a role model! Keep us posted on your 2020 vision for tenacious ownership.
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I love your post, and I can identify with a number of points that you have made. Thank you for sharing.Oh, and as someone who is looking for the next best role currently unemployed, my advice is, don't get fired! Instead, decide what you want and go after it, while you have your current job!
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Thanks, I'll try to take that advice!
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Oh my gosh @lysser6 this is an amazing post. I work as a career coach for women and some of the key themes we work on is:-Finding a North Star for where *you* want to go... I love when we realized you dont have to do XY or Z, even though the conventional wisdom says you should because it wont actually get you on your path.-Making visibility a habit. "When you’re trying to be invisible, no one’s going to pick you first for their team." So true. And when you are proactive about what you stand for, you get picked for the things that align.-Trying to do too much. I have some of my clients go on a 'no diet' to get them to practice saying no on a regular basis ;-) and sometimes I put myself back on one myself ;-)Love that you shared this incredible reflection.
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Thank you @MayaPapaya for adding some greater perspective to one person's story!
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Thank you so much for your transparency. This was like a dose of good medicine.
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Thank you for your post! I am wondering though, how did you get yourself to come out of that corner? What are the actionable goals did you work towards to pull yourself out of that state of pleasing others, owning and being present?
I am not the OP, but I can tell you what I did. 1) Start hanging out with (happy hours and lunches) the sales team. They are naturally more "out" than I am (as a scientist). I went with them intentionally to learn; check their demeanor, their outlook, their advice. 2) join some professional organizations - they taught me how to be comfortable in a room of strangers. And, I even became a Board Member at one, because I did so well there. That has also helped get me out publicly- I have to make an address at our events and post on social, etc.3) attend conferences or trade shows - get comfortable being out and shmoozing.4) take on new projects at work.
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I wish you would do a whole post about this!
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Super curious to hear this too @jenniferjain. One of the assignments I'll give my coaching students is to create a habit of inviting out someone in their company (senior leaders included) for lunch either weekly or monthly. It makes it so you start to build allyship with others who might influence your career and who have a sense of the 'unwritten rules' to advancement (and to opportunities that you would love to get access too.)
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What is the best way to start this on a team that is pretty secluded from the rest of the teams.
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This is so good and I relate with each point. Thanks so much for writing it.
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Thank you for sharing these lessons! Definitely going to start framing things more positively haha.
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Thank you for sharing this!!! This is such a wonderful read!!
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This is a powerful statement: To speak up and say ‘this is what I want to do’ rather than ‘whatever you need me to do’. Absolutely love it! I also really resonate with the part about 'doing too much'. I just went through my inbox/Slack messages/WhatsApp/etc. and cleared items that have been sitting there for a while because they fell off the priority list. I got back to each person to ask them when they need this by and let them know it's honestly fell off my priority list. Thank you for sharing.
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"If you don’t choose to drop something, you’ll eventually drop something without being able to choose."Ugh, this resonates with me so much. Thank you for sharing this great post!
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"When there is no one that looks like you, it can be hard to picture your future." - that's why it is so important to talk about our careers, our successes and why we should try not to be invisible (referring to your 1st statement 😊), you never know who you might inspire... 'You can't be what you can't see' 😊So, thanks for sharing your valuable experience with the community!
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Fellow MIT alum here!Thanks for being so open about the lessons you have learned! A lot of our learnings come with a lot of pain, and it takes a lot of strength to share it broadly.