Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, with too much on your mind? Here are quick, practical tools to help you

After a couple of weeks of being sloooow... the new Podcast episode is out on Happiness Academy Podcast.

What is it about?

You know those moments when you feel stressed or overwhelmed?

A moment when there is too much to do, and the day feels too short?

Not being at the top of your energy or clarity, and you really need it at that moment?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a quick and easy tool to balance your emotions in that moment, to get more clarity or boost your energy?

Guess what - you have it!

That tool is your BREATH 🫁

There are many powerful practices that put breath to work for you - and in just a couple of minutes, totally shift your state of mind and energy.

So no wonder that this week’s podcast episode is dedicated to your breath - in 25 minutes video/audio, I am sharing practical tips to use your breath and the most effective tools.

I cover the general approach of how we can use the breath to get relaxed or to boost our energy,

am sharing several practical & useful tools,

and encourage you to make it your own by choosing the approach that works best for you.

Discover the episode on links in the comment.

I hope you will enjoy this episode and that you will try out the tools in practice.

Podcast #32: Breath as a Tool: 5 Short but Powerful Exercises for More Focus, Calm and Energy

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