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This was so incredibly helpful! If you write another post, I would love to hear more about negotiating once you are already in a role - I didn't negotiate when I got my job (rookie mistake, I know), and my manager seems very opposed to giving me any kind of raise. I'm coming up on a year next week and would love to push him on compensation, but could really use some tips.
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Awesome request! I'll add it to my questions airtable. Thanks!
You should share a spreadsheet of what you have accomplished in your year at the company. Provide details of what YOU did and how your specific work shaped something or added value. Also point out the things you did that were above and beyond the scope of the role you were originally hired for those plus ones that you did without being asked or prompted that made a difference. Reference back to the job description for all of these things. Either present it to him in a 1-1 and or in a powerpoint with numbers if your job includes and revenue streams. Ask for recognition after that presentation. Ask for feedback directly, be prepared to hear good and bad and then if you don't get acknowledgement for what you have done and achieved think about asking for a timeline of some sort of goal to get more. If you are not supported by him its time to talk to HR or to look around. Best of all you will have a solid map of your achievements to share with the prospective new employer. Good luck and go for it!