Indifferent about switching jobs

Hi all! I'm new to Elpha, so hello as a start :) I'm excited to be here - I think this is such a great platform.Anyway, I'm seeking advice - I have a great job, a great manager that I get along so well with, and I love the team I work on. However, I'm indifferent about leaving. My team supports other teams within our business and every now and then the politics within the groups we support really get to me. I'm aware that politics are in every company and business, but honestly I'm just a bit over it.The part of me that's staying is the part that's sensible - well-paying job that I'm still learning every day in, reputable firm, strong sense of job stability...and my husband and I want to try and buy a house and start a family this year....I'm so torn - do I follow my sensible side and stick it out? Or do I follow my ambitious side and go for new opportunities? I'm also new to the role/industry I'm in - I have about 3 years experience, so the sensible side is also saying to stick it out until I have more experience to have a wider pick of the lot later down the line...Any advice welcome and MUCH appreciated!
I'll be genuinely curious why you feel you should stick it general when we start sticking it out we can assume at some point we'll be forcing ourselves to get out of bed to go to work. Of course, we never know, maybe the org will get new leadership that will change some of the political aspects....but how long do you want to wait is the real question.Also, I recently started a new job, and I recently realized I was at the old place for a really long time, over-thinking to the point of not doing anything and really giving them the benefit of the doubt and doing nothing for what??? I mean I'm happy now, and finally beginning to thrive. It's taking me a while to unlearn the politics/unpleasantness from it's always possible the next place is better than the first.And regarding experience - the more things you'll be exposed to, the more well-rounded you'll become.However, you'll have to evaluate what is truly important for you; if you feel starting a new job may cause you to not focus on your goals of starting a family or buy a house, then of course, you can choose to stay at your current place. Maybe you can re-visit your decision to want to move in a year's time.There's no black and white here; both decisions can work out well. You can also go back to your current job if you feel your new job is not to your liking (in a year's or more time).Hope this provides some additional perspective!
I'm speaking as someone who isn't as far along in my career as you are (I just left my job after 2.5 years), so take this as you will.I just left my job where I was humming and hawing about leaving for a couple of months. I loved my coworkers, my managers but the politics and the jobs I was in charge of were wearing me down. Now that I've switched jobs, I am looking back and shocked that I stayed at my previous job for so long. The problems that I thought were small problems were way bigger than I thought. And I was just making excuses for myself to stay. Based on your position, I think you should at least try to look for new opportunities and see what's out there. You might be able to find something that inspires you and excites you and gives you great feelings about your work. 3 years experience is a lot in tech! Don't undermine your own skills - you have a lot to offer another company that can serve you and make you feel good too. I think there is a LOT of value in learning more from other organizations. You might also realize that the problems that you gritted your teeth through at your current company were also not as small as you think. I think if you can find that, you will be able to still achieve your goals of buying a house and starting a family. But like Dana188 said below, both options are good. You can continue staying at your job and achieve the goals you have outside of work. Finally, I think it really depends on the fulfillment level you are trying to get out of your career. Is your work just a job to you that provides you with money to achieve the things you want? Or does your job provide you a sense of meaning and you care about the things you do day to day? There's nothing wrong with either! It'll just help you position if you want to leave and why. Good luck! You'll make a great decision whatever you decide to do.