On motivation, balance, and astronaut training with professional ballerina and quantum physicist, Merritt MooreFeatured

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Incredible and inspiring. I love the fluidity between fields and the intersection between both worlds, each world informing the other. Thank you.
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Yes, so enjoyed speaking with Merritt!
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Thank you so much Jessica and hello Elpha community! You are a rockstar Jessica and I'm so honored!
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Thank you so much! It was so fun working with you!
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This is inspiring and validating to read. I'm a performing artist as well (studied dance for many years, am a choreographer, singer and run a small dance company.) Yet, through all of these artistic endeavors, it has been hard to make a living doing art because of how much our current society invalidates and devalues our artistic professions in favor for more traditional fields, and mostly fails to see the intersectionality between art & science. For me personally, I've made the decision to transition into UX Design as a way to augment and work in tandem with my artistic career because the arts that we are involved absolutely translate, feed and inspire the scientific or technologic work that we due.Thank you for sharing all this - it's always great to learn of fellow performers who balance and mesh different professions together while still pursuing their dreams!
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This is so awesome, thank you for sharing your story and so glad this resonated!
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Amazeballs!I graduated college with a Mechanical Engineering Technology degree with a minor in Dance.Honestly, college did not help me flame the fires of building with my hands and emotion through movement.Quite the opposite actually.Though even when I'm on the cusp of 40 I still want to pursue the juxtaposition of science and dance - and be a human, being in those two realms.This was hella inspiring and plain DOPE to read!Thanks so much for this writeup Jessica!
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Thank you so much for sharing, that is awesome!