Her Launch Lab Seeking Participants, Mentors & Coaches

Her Launch Lab is a 7-week virtual incubator to help women go from product concept to completion, starting on October 5. Products can be digital or non! Participants will be matched 1-1 with a mentor and receive 7 virtual coaching sessions to help them with everything from branding and market positioning to UX design and the pitch. Our differentiator is we are focused on product (not startup) and so no one has to quit their day jobs...unless they want to, of course. This can be a side hustle for some, or an opportunity to sell a product to a company. If you have any questions, email me at [email protected]. To apply to be part of our first cohort, or to be a mentor or coach, visit Deadline is August 31. Feel free to share with your networks!
Hi @MonicaLRoze - what a great idea and you came on the right platform to share it! I saw you were looking for both participants and coaches - what type of specialisation are you expecting from the coaches (I see it's fairly high level re skills e.g UX, UI, storytelling? Years of experience? Do you expect them to come with content already or is this something you'd want to work with them? Is there a compensation? etc.)Do you have more details you could share? A lot of members are very talented and could possibly benefit from your platform besides adding value to you and your great program!
Hi Iynna, thank you for your message and interest! For coaching, we are looking for people who have experience launching product, whether that means they are product managers at a company or founders of their own products. Each week, participants will focus on a new area, including branding, customer insights, market research and positioning, UX and how to pitch. In the final session, we'd like to invite people who can provide feedback on the pitch, including VCs and other founders. This is definitely where the Elpha community can help us as we are just starting to build out this network. We would help coaches with developing the content for their session as well. I can be reached at [email protected] if anyone has further questions. Monica