Looking for those interested in a Career/Life/Wellness Coaching session.

Hi Elpha! I'm currently doing some work for an all-around badass Coach. Her methods incorporate a blend of Career, Life, and Wellness coaching and she has a few slots open for the month of August into September. Sessions include 1:1 time, resume and cover letter reviews, resources, and templates- plus a great new relationship. Would you be interested in a session? Please email me at [email protected] for more information :)
I'd love to do this - would she look at graduate school candidates specifically business school applicants? :-)
Totally! Do you want to shoot me an email so I can give you more details and answer any other questions?Looking forward to hearing from you :)
Amazing - pinging you over email now :)
Hey Vanessa, I changed your post title so it's more clear, hope that's ok!
HELPFUL, thank you!