Women who do not know what innovation is

Hello Elphas! I am Brazilian and I am looking to found a social impact business so that more women are interested in innovation and occupy new spaces. I'm having trouble. I did a sample survey and nobody knows what that is. How would solve this problem with few resources?This translation was done by the google translator. Forgive me for mistakes.
Hey Gleice, what area of innovation are you looking into solving for and have you identified some common problems amongst your answers from your surveys?
Hi!I'm trying to solve problems in education. Teachingnew skills for more women to participate in my region's innovation ecosystem. I noticed that they are totally unaware of what is happening with the present and the future.
Following up on @teresaman question: I do believe you may want to narrow this more - education / new skills acquisition is a BIG space to be in. What specfic challenges are you facing with the women in Brazil? and wat demographics are you looking at - current student, women in the workforce that have been out of school for a while, women who have not necesarily received a higher education? And what are the current solutions you see and why are they not good enough and how will you make a change etc.
Hello! They are girls from 14 to 25 years old. Usually educated only by the mother and with limited access to quality higher education. I appreciate your tips.
Yeah would definitely recommend to get more specific- it’s a big space!