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💔BBVA shuts down Azlo small business banking - can you suggest an alternative online bank?

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Following! I also bank with Azlo for my business and am searching for a new option. I've started looking at all of the online bank comparisons and reviews, but I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. Would love to hear what other Elphas are using. Thank you!!
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I am in the same boat. I did some research and originally was going to go with Chase as they offered a bonus with my existing Chase credit card but it was way too painful to get it opened with them.Instead I just decided on Monday to switch to Novo as an alternative as two of my colleagues had done that. It’s an easy online signup (they have a page dedicated for Azlo switchers), and I was up and running that day. The money I transferred from Azlo to Novo on Monday was in my account on Tuesday. So far I’m happy with the brief experience and the reviews I’ve read about Novo are good.If you use this code, we are supposed to both get $25. Disclaimer: I did use a friend’s code and haven’t seen the $25 deposited yet so 🤷🏽‍♀️
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@Mayorgalu I moved my Azlo Account to Novo - it was fast and easy. So far, I'm pretty happy with it I love their website design and that I can customize my dashboard on their phone app ~Get $25 with my referral link! -
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I invite you to check out Grasshopper Bank - shameless plug as I work here on the banking team :)We're a female-founded, Member FDIC, nationally chartered digital commercial bank for the innovation economy. We believe that proactive authentic relationships, coupled with our technology, are an enabler for delivering meaningful and relevant value to our clients. Grasshopper was built to provide a more efficient, inclusive, and creative experience for clients as a partner in their journey, with an emphasis on supporting the next generation of founders, investors, and communities.We're offering Free Basic Banking For Life. No cost for a checking account, sending and receiving ACH payments, wire transfers in and out, or mobile deposits. It's all included for free for companies that make Grasshopper their primary bank (meaning at least 50.1% of balances held at the bank). Some restrictions apply, see terms and conditions for full details. Apply for an account here: thing to note is that Grasshopper is a licensed bank - this should be something you take into consideration when selecting a banking partner. Given that both Azlo and Simple recently shut down, you may want to evaluate if going with a fintech provider (that is riding the rails of another bank) is the best long term choice for your business (and your sanity!). If you have any questions about Grasshopper Bank, our Free Banking For Life offer, or want to speak with me, please reach out to me at or put time on my calendar: