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Junior UX Design positions are rare

teresaman's profile thumbnail
I'd recommend networking on Twitter! There is a large design community there and often times people share job opportunities or threads with open roles.
AnkitaN's profile thumbnail
Will try twitter! Thanks
ebonyjohnson's profile thumbnail
I’m in the same boat. I’m trying to look into opportunities on Twitter and Slack channels.
AnkitaN's profile thumbnail
Oh yeah. I am on a lot of slack channels but have not tried twitter tallow.Will do thanks!
ebonyjohnson's profile thumbnail
I’m also looking through some of the previous UX posts on here and some of the members have provided great resources on networking.
JocelynB's profile thumbnail
I'm in the same boat, 200 applications in. I'm networking, looking at various Slacks I'm part of, LinkedIn, some Twitter. I'm finding it completely discouraging, but still plugging away.