Hosting Free Webinar with Twilio: Level Up Through LinkedIn (AND WE ARE ACTIVELY HIRING)

Hi ladies!I am so excited to announce I will be hosting my first webinar called Level Up Through LinkedIn on August 19 with two sessions to accommodate different time zones. Link is above to registerI've made two career pivots in less than a year - from project management into event marketing, and again into recruitment marketing, during COVID - so I can tell you that networking and branding truly helped me out.In the webinar, we'll cover how to use LinkedIn to- Build your brand & market yourself - Use networking to successfully job search post-COVID- Connect and network with Hiring managers and Recruiters- Search for opportunities that fit your interest and skillsWe'll also have a breakouts where our recruiters will provide tailored tips and feedback based on your industry.Twilio is also hiring super aggressively so I want as many Elphas to find their next opportunity!Hope to see you there!
@alongcamekatrina Thank you for sharing this - It is such a perfect time to be hosting this. This post: asked for best practices - maybe consider engaging with the different participants in the thread!
Your welcome! and thank you for sharing! I'll read this now
Thanks for sharing! Just signed up!