After being a fangirl for years, I am now an official Career Contessa Career Mentor!

As a recruitment marketer, I've been pretty vocal in this group providing job search tips and career advice when I can.I've been keeping this on the DL for some time but I am happy to announce I am officially a Career Contessa career mentor! I've been following them for a few years now and using my own networking strategies, I was able to land this new role.If you're not familiar with Career Contessa, it is an online platform providing curated career resources for women: Hope to work with some of you as you navigate your careers. My expertise is in networking strategies, LinkedIn optimization , and resume revamps - I made a career pivot twice in less than a year (one of which during COVID) so happy to help other job seekers out there!
Congratulations on the position!
Thanks so much 😊😊 still floating on cloud 9 haha
Wonderful! I've been a long time Career Contessa reader as well.
Thanks so much Megan! I still can’t believe it
Congratulations @alongcamekatrina!!
Thank you so much!! I
I've tagged you on a different post for someone asking for some job hunting advice - perhaps you can connect :)