When, why, and how to sell your startupFeatured

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Really inspiring journey. Thank you very much for sharing @Jpw
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I loved your story, even more, I just loved the way you've articulated it. When I was reading it, I felt like I was time traveling. Such clarity in thoughts and implementing it in style is to be truly appreciated. Well done @Jpw and best wishes on your current job!Will definitely bookmark this link.
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What a great story. It’s so compelling and well written. Mostly though I love how clear you are on what matters to you in a job. Thanks for sharing!
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This is a great read, thank you! The processing of selling one's startup is not often talked about as openly.
Thanks for sharing! It's rare to hear about this sort of journey. I went through this process myself a while back and had no idea where to start. It was tough to find any reliable information online.
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Loved hearing your story! I'm also based in the UK and reached out to you on Twitter DM to see if you'd be happy to share more during a live AMA.
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This was an amazing read. Thanks for sharing your journey!