I'm An Inference Data Scientist At Airbnb. This is how I got my job. – Jess ZhangFeatured

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Such an inspiring and candid story! Thanks for sharing, Jess. :)
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This is a very inspiring story, Jess.I would like to create a video story from this with your permission?
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I'd be honored!
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Hey Jess, here's the video we created - https://vimeo.com/342950658 password is jess Would love to hear what you think :)
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Oh wow this is amazing! 😲😲Thank you so much!!
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Thank you Jess. Can we publish this on social media if it's ok by you? I'm the founder of stackraft.com and solving for talent hiring and curate stories just like yours for our community :)
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Feel free!
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Thanks Jess, I really enjoyed reading your background and can relate to 1) wishing you knew about comp sci, 2) going through a co-op program, and 3) going to California for a wedding and hoping to interface with a few companies while there :) I'm interested in hearing more about your experience with coursera. I'm currently in a similar situation, I'm educated but not in data science. I've been taking the online courses through coursera but am wondering if you have any tips on the following:1) Best courses you've taken related to data science?2) How did you integrate that education into your resume? (did you list specific data science skills under a skills section, list exact classes you took online, etc) <- I'm struggling how to start highlighting my new, non-formal education3) When did you feel like you really "knew" data science enough to begin highlighting it as a skill?I have a background in biomedical engineering and am currently completing my PhD in biomedical engineering but would like to pivot some of my research as my interests are changing as well as get more involved with research I think can 10x biotech. Thanks again for sharing your story! - Andrea
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Hey Andrea! Hm..I'm considering writing a seperate post on this. This is actually the most frequently asked question I get.With your background, it would be really beneficial to consider bootcamps. The 2 reputable ones I know about are Insight and The Data Incubator.
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Would love to see that post! I'm happy to hear you suggest those bootcamps, they have both been on my radar since they require upper level degrees. Thanks!
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Thanks for sharing this Jess! Also pls come work for me @ Optimizely (I’m SVP product there.) We love what you’re doing at Airbnb and would love to have you on the team building solutions like this for thousands of companies who want to experiment as well as y’all do 🙂 I’m mega 🤰🏻but would love to hang out anytime! Again, awesome post!
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OH my congrats!! Would love to get coffee some time!
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Thank you so much for sharing your story, Jess! This is really inspiring and cool to read. I myself am interested in going into Data Science and am currently working towards that goal by sharpening and obtaining the skills needed. If you don't mind me asking, what were the take-home challenges like in your interviews with Airbnb? Also, how well did your experience at the first companies you worked for prepare you for your current job?
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Thank you, Jess, for sharing your experience and welcome to Bay Area! That is really amazing, you really worked hard to achieve your goal I'm switching my career from economics/finance to data science and currently finishing my Master's degree in Data Science at USF and looking for jobs. If you have some time, I'd love to catch up with you in San Francisco or in Silicon Valley and learn more about your work as a data scientist. I'd also be glad to introduce you to the Bay Area :)
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Thank you Jess for sharing your job hunting journey and lessons with us! We're excited to feature more public posts written by Elpha members. Tag Elpha members that you want to hear stories from, and we will invite them to write for the How I Got My Job series.
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Thank you for sharing Jess! I wanted to ask how you built your portfolio. Did you build it with projects you did for companies or did you take on independent projects?
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Thanks for sharing! I love your airline motivation and your story of going for it even though you don't feel 100% ready. I also feel equally appreciative that Elpha is a resource for connections and support. I'm on the data journey now and feel a bit blindfolded.
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Hearing about your transition and the challenges with that is really helpful. It's so true that you are only a partial match and it's basically your personality that has to convey that you are going to do whatever it takes to be up to snuff. Thanks!
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Hi Jess!Thanks so much for taking the time to share your impressive background and experience with us. "A second, but equally important, part of landing that first job is finding someone who believes in you". This really resonated with me. Having an individual or team of people that believe in you and are in your corner is crucial to helping your growth as a professional. I'm curious to know if you have any advice for fellow Elphas who are finding themselves in similar situations looking for someone to be their "champion"? How do you advise putting yourself out there when this can be new territory or uncomfortable for some?Thanks for your time!
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Hey Whitney!The first part is always be very prepared for the job you want. A lot of prep goes into that. Finding someone who believes in you - honestly, for me, it was a numbers game. I didn't have any technique when I started out, probably like everyone who's a new grad. Go to all the meet ups, talk to all the people, put yourself out there. I had at least 10 dead ends that I thought were solid before I found the one that worked out. I actually think back to the newsletter selling days :) When I first met this VC, I acutally thought secretly it's dead end. When he asked for my resume the first time I didn't send it to him, it was only when he asked the second time I realized there's a good chance. So yea, I don't have too much technique to offer! Get out there and get the numbers. If it's not working out after a while try to get feedback on why. Try to find one person who can honestly tell you why they wouldn't consider interviewing you (it's probably because you are not showing enough signal in some way), then think about how to fix it. Good luck!
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This is an awesome story. Congrats!!