If anyone here needs advice with their resume or job search - I'm happy to help.

Hi everyone ! I love being a part of this supportive community, thanks for having me here ! I've seen the various posts and have been fortunate to help a few of you already with your career advancement and resume writing.

I am a mission driven senior IT Tech recruiter with 20+ years of experience, am industry agnostic having been a top producer with 2 large consulting firms therein supporting mid to large sized companies across the globe, one my forte's is reflecting your strengths in your resume and finding the right role for you. You'd be surprised how many of us feel a sense of stagnation and are making career changes but just need a little guidance or someone to talk to to know they're in the right direction.

If any of you require any assistance, please reach out anytime and we can schedule a time to talk. And if someone you know is looking for similar help, happy to talk to them as well.

My email is [email protected]

Have a fabulous day ladies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello dimplekochikar, Thanks for sharing.I need help with resume writing, can I send it to your email?Been difficult landing an interview over the past few months with my current resume.
Thanks @FrancessOjei I am happy to help and will email you back !! You got this :)
Thanks @FrancessOjei I am happy to help and will email you back !! You got this :)
Thanks @dimplekochikar for responding. I appreciate it. I'll wait for your email.
Hello DimplekochikarI do not know if I should say it is a coincidence that I fell on your post because I badly need help with my resume. As I said in my first post here on Elpha which was yesterday (yes I am new here) my interview landing is almost or equal to zero despite all the numerous jobs I have been applying to since March. Please can you help I feel like I am sinking :(
Oh Fortune ! Email me your resume and let's set a time to talk !! Hang in there, you're not alone. Truly !
Hi @dimplekochikar,I am applying to a b-school.Will you mind giving feedback on my resume?PS: I am a re-applicant.
Sure ! Email me your resume …..
Hello dimplekocjikar, I really need your help with my resume, I changed my CV several times but had no luck with landing an interview. I feel stuck and don't know what to do further, it started to affect my self-esteem.
I sent an email a few days ago!
Hi @hannahsasser I haven’t received your email !! So sorry ! Pls resend ! Soon as I see it, I’ll reply and also send me a few days and times to talk next week ? I am on the east coast. [email protected] Dimple
just emailed you thank you so much for helping
Hi @dimplekochikar -- I would love to take you up on your generous offer! I am having trouble getting clear on which roles I am well qualified for given my experience. I'm emailing you my resume now!