From Unpaid Girlfriend to HealthTech CEOFeatured

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thanks for sharing your growth journey.Curious, is your title at ClinicNote still "Unpaid Girlfriend to the CEO"?or did you claim the CEO or other CxO title?
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haha Definitely just CEO. That was just a catchy title to describe the journey.
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great title super creative - caught my attention
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Thank you! :)
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Many thanks for sharing your story. It’s a great one showing hard work pays off. I wish you, your husband and the company every good wish. Best of luck.
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My pleasure! Thanks for your encouragement.
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How did you learn the new skills? For example, how did you learn how to 'find a product market fit"'and how did you learn how to 'raise money'? Did you go through an incubator, mentor, spend lots of time googling things? All three?
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I went to school for industrial design so I certainly learned some stuff around product design. However, I learned about product-market fit from cold calling having conversations noting the overlapping common issues, and tracking them with numbers. The initial founders were a part of the Global Insurance Accelerator and that's where they got the very first angel investors. When I came on board I went to every workshop I could get my hands on for growing a business. Plugged into the startup community in Des Moines, IA, made friends that were founders so we could discuss what we were working on and what was working or not. We had some pretty involved angel investors that were instrumental with my learning. I had meetings often with them about what I was working on and they gave advice and feedback. Google and Youtube were great resources. There is always an expert willing to share information, you just have to find them.
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Thank you! I'm self-taught in a lot of areas, and I'm constantly second guessing whether I'm doing things the right way. Finding ways to talk to experts in person seems to be key in this journey. Thank you for sharing!
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Love hearing a successful start-up story outside of a typical geographical hub like SF/NYC. Awesome that you were able to grow this company while remaining close to home. Thank you for sharing!
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Thank you! Our startup ecosystem here in Iowa continues to build and grow, it's been fun to see it blossom.
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OKAY we have to connect.I was born and raised on a farm in small town Iowa, got a degree in engineering, realized I hated engineering, and now lead marketing/sales strategy for a software design/dev firm that specializes in healthtech. 🤯Thanks so much for sharing! Would love to chat about our similar experiences!!
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Yes! Find me on LinkedIn, let's chat!
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Wonderful and inspiring journey. Thanks for posting!
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Thanks Ellen!
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Thanks for sharing, very inspiring. I think on no. 4 one has to be careful depending on the organisation, I know from personal experience it can be a strong female trait to do this but it's important to do it because you want to, you feel valued, respected, etc not because you think you have to.
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Thank you! I certainly agree there is a difference between adding immense value and being compensated or getting taken advantage of. I do believe that if you have tracked your work (#3), you should be able to ask for compensation/recognition of this hard work. If you aren't being rewarded, listened to, or valued - then it's time to leave the position. There will always be companies looking for high achievers and be willing to reward them- sometimes it just takes a bit of research.
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@lanafox, this is the inspiration I need now. Thanks for sharing this story. I'm building a health tech business with my husband. I do the driving while he finances. Like every starter, I'm concerned about if this will pay off. You have encouraged me to keep going
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High-risk, high reward! I wish you the best. <3