I created GPTs to help identify safe personal products during pregnancy!


As I am slowly navigating this new chapter of my life, first pregnancy, I realized how little I know about what cremes and other personal products I can safely use. Instead of searching for each ingredient individually, I decided to build a GPT where all you need to do is to either add a link to your product or picture of ingredients and it will analyze them on safety. This should not be used as a subsititue for medical advice.

I decided to share it here in case someone else might find it useful. Here it is:

p.s. I am posting anonymously because my work doesn't know yet :D

that's amazing thank you so much for doing this and for sharing with us! And congratulations on your first pregnancy, sending you a big big big hug!!
thank you so much! I saved so much time using it so far, instead googling every ingredient. I took all my beauty products and just went through them . Almost 80% I decided not to use until after giving birth.
wow! i have stopped using beauty products since the pandemic as i can imagine...
Congratulations on your pregnancy! Also wanted to share with you EWG to check products through - hope it's helpful!