First crowdfunding campaign! Our road to 100K STARTS TODAY! ⚡

My client, the Power Pump Girls, is super excited to launch their first crowd-funding campaign!!!! PPG is a female-led and Black-owned social impact club that empowers women to connect and serve their communities! PPG is always looking for new opportunities to work with amazing creatives, leaders, and activists, so let's help them reach 100K to expand their company and continue their mission in helping women! A message from the founders:"We know the story of founders 🛠 dreamers 💭and entrepreneurs 💼 like us because we are THAT story. We're Black female founders that know all too well the story of denials, obstacles, and unending challenges. But those parts of the story don't define us. We are relentless and determined...and the biggest step 👠in our story starts NOW! Will you join us?"