Hello Elphas!

I'm a coach/facilitator and I'm giving a workshop this Tuesday a Creative Mornings FieldTrip - all are welcome and I'd love to share it with you lovely Elphas! Creative Mornings another wonderful global community, if you're not already familiar.

It's free to join - here's the link to register.

Tuesday, June 28, 5:00-6:00pm EDT

Communication Dynamics: Optimize your impact when communicating with and influencing others

In this one-hour workshop, we’ll dive into the power of Communication Dynamics. Together, we’ll explore the contrasting inherent styles we use when communicating or influencing others, and how they play out in our day-to-day interactions (both in-person and virtual).

We’ll learn the impact these dynamics have on both our personal & professional relationships, as well as our stress and energy levels.

Participants will leave with new self-discoveries, deepened awareness, and key takeaways that can be applied immediately to unlock greater empathy, understanding, and reduce miscommunications in all areas of life.

Let me know if you sign up! Hope to see you there 🎉




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Oh no. I saw this too late. Hope the event went well!
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Aww, thanks Catherine. Sorry you missed it! I'll definitely post of future events on here again. Feel free to keep in touch if you'd like more info. Best wishes :)