Companies to consider for next career move

Hi, everyone.

I will be looking to make my next career move in about a year or so & I'd like to crowd source you all for companies that fit the following criteria:

  • Positions available within Data Products (I work in Technical Product Management) - Data Platforms, ML, Data Products, etc. I'd ideally love a technical product team / a CPO or Head that comes from a dev or something background
  • Remote USA (will travel for routine off-sites a few times a year, that's standard IMO)
  • Compensation ~$250,000+ can include RSUs, but cannot be paper money with a lower cash base (10+ yrs of work experience less than 5 in PM)
  • Decent work life balance - I can really grind, but I do like flexibility to go to the gym etc and have no problems working more early morning / late nights as long as I can pursue reasonable flexibility
  • Health insurance, other standard benefits, etc (sad that I feel like I need to say that, as that should be given for anywhere I go, ha)

I come from Tier 2 Tech and I feel like I am missing out on some great companies out there that I just am not aware of. Less interested in MAANG / other Tech Giants... and most of my network went there and just bounces around the same 8 companies that just don't feel like the right steps for me.

Happy to DM folks if they'd prefer to share privately, just drop a comment so I can message you!

Do you care that the company operates in a particular industry and/or has a specific set of customers within some industries? Similarly do you want more consumer or enterprise focused?For one, here are some we have partnered with of that, others I like (mostly because I love their products) and that would fit your criteria (or most of them): Intenseye, OpenAi, Super travel, Checkmate, DataDome, Proof Trading, Anthropic, Luminai - to name a few!
Good questions! I am open to a variety of industries - I feel like I learn quickly and rather not cut off any opportunties just because I haven't had experience in the space before. I like FinTech, User Experience tech, Productivity, Developer Tools, LegalTech, etc. I would like to stay away from companies where significant parts of their their revenue comes from Ads - I do not value optimizing for incremental Ads $.I would say I prefer B2B - my pre-Tech work experiences are best leveraged in B2B environments, but I am not opposed to B2C. Funny you mention Proof Trading - Allison Bishop is someone I chanced across recently and I am slightly obsessed with her / her work!
Amazing, that's my approach too! I look at it from a horizontal as opposed to a vertical approach ie. a problem vs a specific industry. Makes sense re staying away from businesses with ads :) Omg small world! So we are investor in Proof and I know Dan (her cofounder) but she is for sure badass!!! Check out Proof medium page, it's incredible how transparent they are! And another company to add to your pipeline: Spellbook (legaltech/AI bot for lawyers to draft contracts) , Dandelion Health (AI for clinical data), Veho (last mile delivery and they're doing amazingly well), Vistapth Bio (AI for pathology).