Seeking Connections at Humana, United Health Group, Omnicell, and Medtronic

I have found Program/Project Managment roles at Humana, United Health Group, Omnicell, and Medtronic.

I would like to make connections at these companies with persons in related roles.


Hi! Best of luck with these processes.This may be a long shot but @RosieM is at Humana, @elizabether is a Project Manager at Humana, @nicolewheaton is our of new members and is at OmnicellUnfort don't have a plug for United Health but maybe someone else does!
Thank you! This is wonderful. I hope to connect.
What is the role at UHC? I might have someone to connect you to.
Amazing. It is: Capture Manager State Government Solutions, Req # 2176012
Hey Casey, I am connected to the previous lead of the state government contracting unit. He is really awesome. I was looking at joining their group and he took like an hour out of a Saturday when they were replying to an RFP to chat with me. I think I sent you a linkedin connection. Let me know how you'd like to proceed.
Amazing! This is so big, I really appreciate it. I don't see a LI connection from you. I sent one to you just now. I would love to be connected to your contact, could you make an introduction? My email is: [email protected] and my phone is 1.917.565.9721. Or, LI if you feel that is better. Thanks so much!!
You'll see an email with me connecting you to him. Good luck with your job search.
Ann, Thank you for the connection at UHG. I spoke with him for almost an hour yesterday. Super helpful!
Received. Thanks!!