I want to get a job sponsorship visa in Europe

Hello everyone!

Thank you for reading me, I'm Ana Paula Dominguez from Peru. I'm currently looking for a full-time job in Europe as I'm willing to relocate then I'm looking for companies or startups that sponsor VISA

I do not have a specific country but I'm open to hearing your advice and recommendations. Also, would be lovely to have a 15 min videocall for further call

Wondering if @cgbl has insights as she is in Portugal right now and I believe is from the DR!
Thank you Iynna for your support!
Of course! You got this. What kinds of work are you looking for? I know larger corporations usually can support the visa, or growth stage startup eg Rippling that has an office in London!
Hey, thanks for tagging me @iynna! Coindicencially, I invited Ana to our community The best website for relocation jobs is @anapauladominguezcaThis website is also popular: you are interested in Portugal, I suggest this
Carmen, you really are the 🔌 so grateful for you!!
Thank you Carmen! I agree with Iynna! You rocks
Hey happy to chat with you about this! I moved to the Netherlands on a highly skilled worker visa and there are resources out there for European companies that sponsor visas. It depends a bit what you do and where you are in your career but its totally doable, just a little more complicated than your average job search :)
Thank you Jordan! would you be able to schedule a little videocall? Would love to hear more about your experience:
@JordanB how long did it take you to get sponsorship?
I got sponsored through my company and the process took about 2 months all in - I got the offer in October and started working in December. My understanding is the average time is about 8-15 weeks depending on where you're coming from and whether or not you need an entry visa as well.
Got it, thank you!
Hi Ana, I lived in the UK for 12 years, on various types of visas. I'm happy to share my experience, advice and recommendations via a videocall.
Hi @jremuzzi, thank you for sharing. Sound interesting, would love to hear more
Hey! I am a Belarusian, meaning my passport is not European and I need a visa to almost every country :). I lived/worked in Germany, France and now moved with a sponsorship visa to the Netherlands 3 years ago. Would be happy to share my experience.In short, it is definitely doable, and in my humble POV Netherlands is the best country for that! Some reasons:1. Language. Integration is easy as everyone speaks English2. Although the talent density is quite high, companies are used to bringing people from other countries to the Netherlands3. Buerocracy. If you have a contract signed, OMG how easy it is to get a permit! Yes, you might need to wait for an appointment etc., but it is not comparable to Germany or France with hundreds of useless movements/ instances/ papers/ appointments, believe me. And everything is digitalized.4. Quality of lifeGood luck and drop me a line if you need any help!
wow @DaryaSavishchava, I loved how you summarized it. Sounds great, never thought about it before. Will do more research about Netherlands, thank youu
Hi Ana Paula,I moved on Blue Card to Italy and then again on Blue Card to Germany. Germany was so much much simpler, that I think it is also possible to do it yourself. Eventually on top of the offer you would only need one letter from a company, and other things are easy to get yourself (e.g. your education equivalent in Germany - is a public information online, while for Italy it took me nearly half a year to certify my university diplomas). So I highly do not recommend Italy. Even though they have great incentive with the tax discount, the overall procedure is too complicated and you definitely need to know the language to navigate through anything. (and tax discount only covers for the low salaries Italy has, so after 5 years when it's over, you'll need to move on).Good luck with the search and happy to help if you need more details.Katerina
Thank you so much Katerinc! Loved to read your experience
I'm going through this process now but my situation is a bit different. I'm relocating with my current employer and they are sponsoring me for the Highly Qualified Work visa (EU Blue Visa) to Portugal. I can share with you my experience now as I'm going through it. The goal is to be moved to Portugal in September or October. PM me if you want more information.
Thank you IzzyVix, I'm so amazed by this community. Everyone is open to share their knowledge and kindly.
The UK's Global Talent visa has a tech pathway that is very accessible. I've been on this visa for over 3 years now and it's super flexible. You don't need to be tied to a particular employer. More info here:
Thank you so much Nicole!