I Visisted Twitter Spaces for 30 Days: Here's What I learned.

For a long time (almost 3 whole months!) In early 2022, Twitter Spaces took the site by storm.

Now, they still exist, but they’re far less of an event.

Occasionally, I will spot one, but only occasionally, and only…one.


Back then, I decided to challenge myself and go to at least one Twitter Space for 30 days. I did outline more here, but I wanted to share the most important takeaways I had:

👩🏿‍ Everyone's a Human🧔🏻👨🏽‍🎨💇🏻‍♂️

There might be people you recognize with clout, or status - Whatever you call them, you may not know them personally, but you know them, you know?

If these people invite you to speak, take it! They want to hear other viewpoints, otherwise they'd make a podcast or recording.

They know their good reputation hinges on being friendly and open. They're not going to risk it - and it's also the right thing to do!

There Are Social Rules For Them 📝

You're encouraged to check out the profiles of those speaking, but you are certainly not encouraged to jump in and start self-advertising if the Space doesn't call for it. People will be confused, and it can derail the conversation.

I did not do this, but I was present for people who did, and everyone felt the annoyance I feel when someone approaches me with a buzzword-laden spiel in a message.

Read (or listen) to the room for a few minutes before speaking.

You get recognized! 😲

I visited Spaces made by people I recognize regularly, and not many of the random ones on the general Spaces page, so being recognized was really surprising. Speaking of the Spaces page...

I miss when Spaces were more popular; My one gripe would be that we could not talk on Twitter desktop, and I can’t imagine that changing under the new regime.

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