Boulder-ish Upcoming Winter Hangs (February & March 2024)

Calling all Elpha ladies in the Boulder area! Please join us for these two upcoming events:



Ghost Pizza (By Stem Ciders)

Lafayette, CO



Bohemian Biergarten

Boulder, CO

Awww I won't be able to make it. :( I'll be in Denver 3/4-3/8. Hopefully I can get back to visit and meet you all another time!
We'll have a mini-Boulder-elphas meet up just for you. ;)
You and the group here are so kind! Can't wait to meet up!
You and I will still definitely meet up while you are in town! Miss you!
I can't waiiiit! Miss you too!
Booo! next time!!!
Will be there. Thanks Casey!
I'll try to be there for the Feb meetup. - Sapna
Added to calendar! Thank you!
Hope to join in February! Thank you!
Thanks for organizing! Hoping to join a meet-up in Feb for the first time.
thanks for posting, @CaseyCSimmons!! Excited about both of these events. And I think that means we're celebrating 6 months of organizing them!
6 months already? I've enjoyed it so much. Here's to many more times meeting wonderful women and sharing our journeys with them!
Is there a Denver group yet? If not, I could probably pull on together and help organize! I didn't see it when I searched.
@heidischolten I'm in Denver as well! There is another community I'm in called TechYeet, that is organizing some Women in Tech meetups! I wasn't able to make the one earlier this week and I don't think I'll be able to make the next one either though :(
Thank you for organizing! Will try to make it. Would love to meet other Elpha powerhouse women in the area!
@CaseyCSimmons thank you for organizing these! I have a recurring Tuesday obligation for the next few weeks so unfortunately can't make either of these, but I'd love to be tagged for future Boulder area meetups. (I'm new to Elpha so not sure the best way to make sure that I see the next ones!)
You can check back here or join our WhatsApp group for updates:
Hi all-- do you know if the time is firmed up yet? Looking forward to connecting. thanks!
We arrive sometime around 5p and usually stay until about 7:30p. It's very casual, come and go as you please. Hope you can make it!