I have an idea but I’m not an engineer, how can I build it?Featured

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This is SUPER helpful! If I had read this before we started our build, it would've saved us so much time (and $$$$).
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I thought the same, This is super helpful
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SO insightful and helpful! Thank you!!
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💯 Thanks for sharing!
Hire a low cost high quality tech firm to execute the idea ? That’s what I’ve done.
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If you have validated that you have a burning problem and your solution that makes sense!
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I agree with you but finding a low cost high quality tech company is hard, do you have any that you can share with others?
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Hi Tatiana- please contact me at [email protected] I own a software development company and I can help with your software requirements.
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Super duper helpful! All of this is totally spot on for process. Didn't know about Maker pad, thanks! A few other tools to consider for folks - Miro/Figma can handle whiteboarding and can be good instead of Whimsical. Figma is also a good prototyping tool - slight learning curve though. And I just got referred to Unicorn for simple landing pages that can help w idea validation (you can count how many people sign up before building!)
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This is awesome, thanks @emilypatterson will add Unicorn to my toolbox myself!
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Also, if anyone is interested in checking out what V1 of the actual epic voice converter tool I built as the basis of this article looks like, you can find it here: https://bit.ly/3tKRRS3 . Using the above process, I effectively built this thing in 3 weeks compared to 3 months with my first product.
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This is SO helpful thank you
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Great article and advice on how a non tech person can get going! I'd like to add that thinking about how you are going to fund your project/ business is also super important at the idea stage.It is MUCH easier and more likely for you to get an SBA loan BEFORE you start your business with a solid business plan even projecting no revenue your first 3 years. After you start your business you will not qualify until you have a year or two of revenue. While capital from investors is pushed a lot and seems like the natural path, it generally isn't. Knowing how you're going to fund your business and what the funding options are before you start is as important as building a product and maybe even more important.I wish I had know to apply for SBA funds when I started my startup!!!!
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Great point @HeatherSawtelle!
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I could not agree more. We have a technical team, including a world class founding engineer, and we still built our web app on Bubble. For us, it's about speed of execution. Just because you *can* build something more complex, doesn't mean you should.Speaking of, if anyone wants to see a Bubble product in action, head over and sign up at https://topknot.app.
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Omg this looks amazing! I'm new to Bubble and taking a course in how to create an app. What plugin did you use to create goals on your dashboard? Also, did you use the Typeform plugin for the intake process? I'm working on a startup in debt management and these two features are exactly what I had in mind in my prototype.I'm feeling more encouraged to use Bubble since looking at your site. It's so beautiful and complex. :)
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We do use lots of plug-ins on our site, but everything you've mentioned is stuff that we built from scratch. A plugin in that flow was the wheel of life graphic, as an example.
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Ok thanks!
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It's a powerful tool. Our whole team took a moment to get into the swing of things, but now it's worth it. Sending you all the good Bubble vibes.
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this looks great! I'm also building in bubble although mine does not look this sophisticated! agreed it took a while to understand it but I watched a lot of youtube tutorials and got the hang of it. I think it's super helpful especially when building a MVP, since it forces me to think through the process/ flow. Also i'm able to make changes in real time as I get more people to test it! +1 for bubble
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Y'all built this in bubble!?!?
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The secret is out. I can't tell if you're impressed or distraught...
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IMPRESSED!!! It gets me excited to learn more on how to use it if I can maybe build something as cool as Topknot!
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Just made an account! The site looks great 😊
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Awesome! I appreciate these kind words and am excited to grow alongside you.
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Amazing to see this being covered and found so useful for people!