My company is helping women pivot and/or advance in SaaS Sales {Resource}

Earlier this year, I found myself quickly unemployed due to the pandemic, sharing that for context as to why I am even more passionate than ever to help people in their job search!!! TLDR: I worked in EdTech, taught for General Assembly and LOVED it then moved to online teaching for a startup. I was always the one providing job search tips, encouragement, resources. When it happened to me, I realized how much of a toll full-time job seeking can take on you especially when you are worried about finances, how long you will be unemployed, the # of applicants applying, etc. Flash forward to working for my new company, We provide free, no income-share, no application, no strings attached SaaS sales training. Our CEO and founder had the inspiration for Aspireship after talking to several people in his old org who wanted to move departments or change gears yet were constantly pigeonholed based on their experience or lack thereof.Happy to share more on Saas Sales Fundamentals, I just wanted to put it out there for anyone job seeking, wanting to get promoted in SaaS//tech sales, have friend's or family members job seeking. Companies are hiring NOW for Q1 2021. How this works: --You sign up and complete 20-30 hours of free training to learn SaaS sales foundations, role play to apply the teachings and record a video based assessment to help our hiring partners see your skills, --Not everyone will pass. The top 10% who do score high enough get access to real time open roles and hiring opportunities.--We provide feedback, handle all comp negotiation, etc. We got paid by our hiring partners, never our candidates/students. --Here's a sample of the topics we cover, let me know if I can be of help in anyway! And feel free to delete if this is not relevant. I didn't want to pitch as so much share this since we have been able to help a lot of people get jobs within 4-6 weeks total.
Thanks for sharing Jacylyn!! Definitely not deleting :) And have tagged this under "promo" and "resources"!
Appreciate it so much @teresaman I just got off a call and shared Elpha with a friend of mine too!