Have you used Duelingo? How did you learn a language?

Hey Elphas!I'm researching Duelingo and I'd love to hear about your experience with the app. Do you use it or do you have a different preferred language learning method? I suspect that many Duelingo users download the app thinking it will be a fun and easy way to learn a language in their spare time and (like me) just forget about it and lose engagement with the app/language altogether. Has anyone actually used the app exclusively to learn a language and then actually used their language skills with native speakers?- Thumbs down emoji for downloaded and forgot within one month- Thumbs up emoji for liked it a learned something - Heart emoji for, I actually learned a language and used it with native speakers or in my day to day or professional life
I've definitely downloaded it and forgotten about it, many times!When I have a trip coming up to a new place and I'm trying to pick up a language, I use the Duolingo flashcard app to make my own flashcards with conversational phrases. This isn't related to an app but one of my favorite ways to study a language is to learn all the lyrics (and what the words mean) to a song. Another way is to write myself a script in that language for how to introduce myself to new people and memorize that. When I was studying Japanese in college, I had a 35-40 minute script memorized by the end of my first semester as a requirement. Now I can still recite parts of that script and know what it means because it's stuck with me. :)