Reasons I believe marketing is very important for you as a startup -

- You can easily get the eyes of potential customers before your product is even fully ready. Making your sales process much easier.- You can easily engage with users and get their feedback for the product and optimize it accordingly.- Users like when they post a comment and receive a personal reply building a healthier customer relation.- If you satisfy your customers on social media, others may see this and start seeing your startup like the one to trust. In addition, this will build positive affirmations around your product.Start with your marketing process now.
How would you go about marketing a website, before you have a prototype?
That depends on Product type like is it - Hardware, Software, or offline.
Hi, The product I would like to market will be a hardware/software product. It’s a smart mirror for retail.
This is an interesting product and you should start creating hype via posts and blogs on different social media platforms. You just need to figure out that your target audiece is active on which all social media platforms. And if you have already identified you can kickstart the marketing.
Thank you so much!