Do you know what Social Proofing Is?

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Exactly why influencer marketing works like charm and why brands up until today still rely on celebrities to endorse products/platforms !!@sukanshisharma I am curious how have you used social proofing to boost your marketing strategy in your own venture?
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Thanks for asking @iynna. For me, i've been sharing valuable content to my audience that will be useful for them.
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So true! I haven't heard the term "social proofing" but it's interesting that we all see it play it in our own lives every day. Thank you for sharing! @iynna asks a great question and would love to hear your response. If you have any more resources that you'd be open to sharing, I'd love to look into it!
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Great post. Before you have the first customer, social proof is working to your disadvantage, right? I'm at the moment working on finding pilot customers for our project, it's sustainability tech for companies.