Are you expecting a baby, or a mom of a child under six? Tell us about your ideal used-baby-item marketplace.

Toycycle is building a next-generation resale marketplace for early childhood products - toys, clothing, and baby gear. Using a customized software solution, and a nationwide network of expert curators, we’re bringing efficiency and trustworthiness to secondary markets. Our independent curators provide end-to-end services to sellers: pick-up, processing, listing, storage, and fulfillment at the local level, and sell into a national market. Buyers enjoy a simplified e-commerce environment, quality control and a satisfaction guarantee.

If you ever buy used for your kids, we’d love you to help us build an easy and reliable resale experience for families. Think convenient like Amazon, but with sustainability throughout its supply chain and operations.

We’re offering $25 Toycycle gift cards to survey takers. Our 5-minute survey includes questions like, What products do you buy used? What products will you only buy new? What do you like about resale marketplaces? What annoys you? Have you ever imagined an ideal resale marketplace that would meet your every need? What makes it ideal?

Message me here if interested and I’ll send a link. Thanks so much for your support and feedback!