Are you a new mama, pregnant, or trying to conceive? Please be a user tester for my maternal health tech prototype!

HannahBaldovino's profile thumbnail
I'm always up for motherhood missions! :) I'll DM you!
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Happy to help. I sent you a DM :)
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Happy to help - had my second baby on 6/25/20. DM me for details.
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Iā€™m happy to help! Currently in my third trimester, please send me a DM
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You and your team should definitely follow FemTech Focus and join our virtual community!
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I just signed up - looks awesome!!
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Happy to help if you are still looking for folks.
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Thanks! Yes, I'm still looking for folks and just sent you a message!
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This is probably long done but was curious if you're still looking for people. I currently have a 3 month old.