Question on pricing strategy for B2B2C and D2C company

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Donโ€™t know the answers to these but very interested in the replies. Great questions.
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It is a valid concern @beckyallen; we are living through a very similar product trajectory: first proven the value as D2C offering and now our product is included as a covered benefit in many group benefits plans and L&H insurance companies provide reimbursement -i.e. it is a B2B2C solution. Most enterprise contracts include "the most favoured nation" price clause, and whatever price is listed on the Internet is effectively the market price. We do charge a bit extra for certain enterprise features but a general expectation from the group benefits sector is to receive an identical product with a corporate discount. We now offer programs within the private/sponsored market places that are priced PMPM.... not yet too clear if this strategy will take off. Would love to hear more about this topic!
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Thanks for your reply @VeronikaL! When you say you now offer programs in the private / sponsored market places, what does that mean?
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Many organizations in group benefits have digital marketplaces with bundles of products available only to members - i.e. an individual consumer can access them only when logged in as a verified plan member.