Looking for support/advice/feedback on my early-stage cannabis start-up, 'munchy'https://www.munchylife.com/

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This is *so* cute, and I'm so excited to see where it goes! I'm not based in LA, but would love to stay in touch. I work with a design agency specializing in women's health and wellness - so we work with a ton of clients who touch on medicinal cannabis. It's an exciting space to be in right now
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Thank you @josephinecahill! I'd love to stay in touch with you too. I'm interested to learn more about your design agency and the work you are doing as well!
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Definitely! DM me and let's find a time to talk cannabis and design :)
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@eunicekim might be a good person to chat to! She’s building a platform to help people with which cannabis products to choose and has obviously done a lot of work in this space 😊 I’m in South Africa but I support all pro-weed efforts and I think this idea is hilarious and amazing! πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€
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Appreciate you, @Larissa88!! Thank you. and hi @khaingzinthet! <3
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Yes! We've been in touch with @eunicekim! I'm a big fan of her and her platform, HiVi! Thank you so much!!
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Love this concept @khaingzinthet! So glad to see a company like this started by a woman because the industry could definitely use a different perspective that makes it more accessible and mainstream. Outside of work, I'm a startup advisor that helps early stage founders figure out their revenue model while also offering advice on scaling operations. Based on 11+ years scaling businesses. I'm currently advising a company that does health and wellness experiences on metropolitan waterways - I see a lot of potential in the experiences space. If you're looking for a thought partner on those things, would be fun to chat!
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Hi Khaing! Congratulations on starting this journey! My name is Bianca Ascolese and I am a Junior Associate at LVLUP Legal, a female-owned boutique law firm that empowers founders and startups to "level up" and make smart legal decisions.I'd be more than happy to offer your a free consultation to speak with you about your startup and what you may need from a legal perspective. Feel free to shoot me an email at bianca@lvluplegal.com or select a time that works best by clicking on the Calendly link below:https://calendly.com/biancalvluplegal/experiment1et?back=1&month=2021-08Looking forward to hearing from you :)